Backing founders with spirit

We invest early. We align our ambitions and achievements with our portfolio. Every single founder we back will become a co-owner of our fund.
We call it equitable venture.

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Seeking exceptions to the rule.

We find, fund and fight for the entrepreneurs who stand out. The ones with spirit. Outliers, optimists and operators. Founders who create the world we want to live in.

Closeness counts, so for us proximity to our founders is paramount. At the same time, we firmly believe you can go big from home and that the UK is a great place from which to start a global business. As customers and teams evolve we use our global network to help companies fulfil their global ambitions.

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We build an army around our founders. A diverse, deep-thinking and direct group that arms them with the tools, tactics and talent they need to drive traction.

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The best way to connect with us is to get an introduction from someone who is part of the Kindred Collective and knows you well.

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